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Stop dumping heavy bags of salt  

into your water softener 


Now you can have clean, healthy, great tasting water 

from every tap in your home 

and avoid the damaging effects of  

chlorine, pesticides, and other dangerous contaminants 

Without salt or other additives 


There are a number of choices available for quality home water treatment.  Let us prove to you why a Salt Free Water System is the perfect choice for your home, family, and the environment.    

Below is a summary of the many benefits of a Salt Free System and comparisons with other types of water treatment methods.  A Salt Free System is the healthy alternative to traditional water softeners with no regular maintenance and no additives—EVER!.   




The primary purpose of a water softener is to remove the hardness minerals (Calcium, Lime, Magnesium, etc…) from the water, leaving you with mineral free or "soft" water.   


Unfortunately, traditional water softeners are not designed to "treat" your water and don't remove chlorine and other dangerous toxins.  By stripping the healthy minerals from the water, you are left with water which is acidic, unhealthy, and slimy-feeling.  


Soft water is often bitter tasting.  This is why an additional drinking system is usually preferred with the installation of a water softener.   




The Salt Free System, is NOT a water softener.  It does not remove healthy minerals from your water.  Instead you get the highest quality filtration system available which removes chlorine, pesticides, jet fuel, and other toxins which can be present in our public drinking water.  In addition our exclusive proprietary system provides the benefits of a soft water system without the hassle.   


A Salt Free System will: 

·  Improve the taste of your water  

·  Remove bad odors (like rotten egg/fishy smell) 

·  Remove chlorine, pesticides, solvents, MTBE's, volatile organic compounds, and many other toxins and contaminants which can be found in your municipal water.

·     Reduce hard scale buildup in pipes, on glass, appliances, counter tops, and more.  The minerals are not removed from water, but through our exclusive dual tank media system and proprietary flow cell electrolysis system, minerals are changed from their original form preventing them from bonding to surfaces.  Now more than ever you can have the benefits of soft water without the negatives. 

·    Save you money, since you don't have to buy and haul giant bags of salt or potassium regularly, nor will you have to replace your system every 3-5 years.  The Salt Free System is designed to be a lifetime system which requires no regular or monthly maintenance.

·     Sanitize your water and leave you with fresh, clean water from every tap.

·    Kill or disable bacteria which can build up in cheap or small filters commonly found in refrigerators or the popular pitcher filters, causing even more problems with the health of your drinking water. 

·    Never waste gallons of water like a softener or reverse osmosis system which wastes approximately 3 to 5 gallons of water for every 1 gallon it produces. 

·     Treat water based on flow rate, making it unique to any other system available. 

·    Always be 100% environmentally friendly, and unlike water softeners the Salt Free System is the perfect choice for your green building projects.

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